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Offshore Company Formation

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Welcome to Offshore Business Solutions Limited Offshore Companies Incorporation

Offshore Business Solutions Ltd. provides onshore and offshore company formation services. We are the corporate service provider that specializes in business incorporations in tax havens.  We can offer you company incorporation in almost any country or region throughout America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Apart of standard company formation we can offer you additional business services, accountancy and offshore tax guides.



They said I live in a wonderful country and should pay my taxes with a smile!
I tried that but they insisted on CASH!!

- Mel Narvey

Business needs, offshore solutions...
Offshore Company Formation Company formation services Offshore Company Formation Nominee officers services
Offshore Company Formation Business transfers to offshore havens Offshore Company Formation Ready made  shelf companies
Offshore Company Formation Offshore banking Offshore Company Formation ...and other corporate services

...Your benefits

Offshore Companies Incorporation Reduction of Tax Liability Offshore Company Formation Asset Protection
Offshore Companies Incorporation Confidentiality Offshore Company Formation Estate Planning
Offshore Companies Incorporation Access to Foreign Investments Offshore Company Formation Financial Investment Diversification
Offshore Companies Incorporation Global Trade Opportunities Offshore Company Formation Currency Diversification
Offshore Companies Incorporation Safer Banks & Insurance Companies Offshore Company Formation No international trade tariffs

Pay no taxes with a smile with your offshore company!


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Anguilla Company Formation  Anguilla
Belize Company Formation  Belize
BVI Company Formation  British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands Company Formation  Cayman Islands
Cook Islands Company Formation  Cook Islands
Cyprus Company Formation  Cyprus
Gibraltar Company Formation  Gibraltar
Hong Kong Company Formation  Hong Kong
Marshall Islands Company Formation  Marshall Islands
Nevis Company Formation  Nevis
Panama Company Formation  Panama
Samoa Company Formation  Samoa
Seychelles Company Formation  Seychelles
United Kingdom Company Formation  United Kingdom
USA Company Formation  U.S.A.
Vanuatu Company Formation  Vanuatu

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